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Since apparently asks/messages aren’t a good way of reaching you, I’m going to say it here too: I’ve posted several times on my blog asking that people not upload my art to other sites, and yet even my newest stuff is being added to your vk page. I know at least one of you is following me, so it’s frustrating that you see my art posts but not the posts asking you not to republish it. Please remove my drawings from your page and avoid adding more in the future.

nearly-away said: i think?

That only works for things posted here, tumblr staff can’t do anything about other platforms. :/


zor’s girlfriend needs a leash

or a cake

(give her the cake)


sparkliest cleric prettiest princess primaveris aka toe



I’m not nearly as funny as I think I am.

(featuring yraeli and a diabolical plan to incinerate everything.)

(burn ‘em alive)

Look at the little cutes!

I’m opening commissions again, just 2 slots for now, to hopefully replace one of my favorite pairs of sneakers that was accidentally thrown away by family. (Q__Q)

Info is on this page (though examples are a bit outdated), but here’s a basic price rundown: $15 chibis, $30 halfs, $50 fulls. Email me at if you have questions!

   The Eternal Alchemy( Color )

The animation is longer/smoother on the grayscale ones because I was able to get away with only 16-32 colors. ):

razaera said: Which server are you on?

Yak’s Bend!


Last WIP tonight, I promise! For those of you who’ve asked how I do armor (there’ve been a few and I’ve never answered), this is sort of how I do it?? I like to do everything piece by piece starting with solid blobs, and I really should work back to front but I just start with whatever I feel like hahahahahahaha

I usually finish hair last so I can draw all the strands over everything.


what’s outside counts too



I notice it happens a lot via the aion tag but I know tumblr is crawling with assholes who do that. Luckily, tumblr immediately will take down the post if you wish it (you being the creator) without even asking the re-poster. So that’s nice. Still sucks though.

Unfortunately one of the biggest offenders is a russian social media site (there are multiple pages posting tons of stuff from tumblr, including yours) and I have no idea how to get a hold of anyone there. ): Granted, they do usually include the creators’ names in plain text, but my issue with them is that I just don’t want my drawings republished in the first place and have said so.


An added note: I’d prefer if my images weren’t republished onto other sites without my knowledge. 

I’m not so picky about screenshots, but I have to ask that my artwork stays on this tumblr unless you’ve asked permission. I hate to sound like a tightwad about this, but finding my drawings on other sites is getting old.

yeah, still happening